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September 03, 07

Dandelion Wine - the Last Drops of Summer

As the final hours of Labor Day draw to a close, i'm borrowing a title from an old Ray Bradbury book celebrating the memories of childhood summers to reflect on all the various ways we tried to mitigate that perennial summertime lamentation, "I'm boooored...what can we do today?"

Here is our top ten list in hindsight of great activities to placate summertime doldrums:

10. Save Money

Well, that was the intent - to be honest, our summertime budget was blown way out of the water due to having lots of cousins visiting for extended periods of time, but we came up with some pretty creative ways to pare down our monthly expenses, such as:

  • learning to cut hair - i invested a month's worth of haircuts in a nice clipper and scissors set. Good thing my boys are so good-natured to put up with some of my frankenstein cuts (bald spots, anyone?) Ah well, there isn't a bad enough haircut that 2 weeks of growth can't cover up...

  • changing life insurance policies - this is a tip from Dave Ramsey: opting out of our whole life plan and moving to 20 year term insurance is setting us up to save about $100 per month, in addition to getting a $7,000 kickback from our accrued life insurance "savings" to help pay down our debt snowball. The folks at Zander insurance have been very helpful so far, so you might want to check them out .

  • changing car insurance - at the risk of sounding like a TV commercial, we saved hundreds by switching to GEICO...and personally, i think a poor starving pianist would make for a much funnier commercial than a silly caveman in therapy...

  • trimming digital fat - this one is really painful: i just canceled the unlimited data plan from Verizon for my Samsung i730 Pocket PC phone. That means no more web browsing at the supermarket checkout line, but i am saving $40 per month...

  • turning off stuff - our electric bill last month was terrifying, thanks in part to having an extra family's kids holed up in the basement playing DVD's and video games constantly. Having all my computers and amplifiers left on 24/7 certainly doesn't help with containing power costs, so the new rule for me is turning off all computers, electronics, and lights that are not in use. Besides, having the hassle of waiting for bootups keeps me from wasting too much time in Facebook...

  • 9. Drink Wine

    Kyungmi and i had a wonderful time in the New York Finger Lakes region, staying at The Fox and The Grapes Bed and Breakfast and visiting wineries along the eastern shores of Seneca Lake.

    The Fox and the Grapes Bed and Breakfast - Five Stars from Kyungmi and me!

    The white wines are really outstanding, particularly the Rieslings, but we managed to find some terrific reds as well. Hands down the best reds we found were at Damiani Wine Cellars - their various Cabs and Meritage were some of the finest we've ever tasted!

    Kyungmi tasting wine with winemaker Lou Damiani

    We also enjoyed some yummy reds at Chateau LaFayette Reneau, and were particularly impressed with the Chardonnays and Rieslings at the elegant Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars.

    Kyungmi outside the Lamoreaux Wine Cellars

    Getting ready to taste some amazing white wines at Lamoreaux Landing

    8. Read Great Books

    Who would've guessed that standing in line for 3 hours in the middle of the night for a book would be so much fun? Yes, i was part of the Harry Potter mayhem (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)), dragging along Paul and his cousin Ho-Won:

    A wonderful lady at Borders bookstore has been incredibly helpful at pointing Paul and me to some other great young adult reads, such as:

    The Maximum Ride trilogy by James Patterson, starting with The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment). Think teenage X-men with super short attention spans (each chapter is no more than 3 or 4 pages long - makes for quick reading and fast-paced action)

    The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) by Rick Riordan, first of the "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" triology - great for kids who want to see Greek mythology hipped up in modern settings with a wacky sense of humor:

    A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, that fantasy/sci-fi classic from my own middle school years:

    The above books had my teenage son falling back in love with reading and both of us scouring the Borders racks for more.

    On my own end, i was completely swept away with that international best-seller, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini -

    i was actually in tears as i listened to the audiobook ending driving through the Finger Lakes region.

    The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, Book 1) by Philip Pullman gets high marks for exquisite craftsmanship, but failing ones for abysmal theology. I started reading this to see if my kids would enjoy this, but found that i have to steer them away for the time being. Even though the protagonists are children, the themes are quite dark and graphic - better suited for mature audiences in my opinion. First in a trilogy.

    7. Make Yummy Stuff

    I used to bake bread from scratch by hand every week. Unfortunately, my current schedule has pretty much ruled that out, given that the whole process requires at least 3-4 hours to accommodate all the yeast risings and final baking time. i suppose it was a very good summer indeed given the fact that i was able to get back to making a loaf of sandwich white after so many years' hiatus!

    Getting the kids involved with cooking projects is always lots of fun. Paul had a hand in cooking steaks for dinner one evening, using my oyster sauce marinade:

    Score both sides of steak with sharp knife
    Combine enough oyster sauce and minced/crushed garlic with a bit of water to make a marinade that can be brushed onto both sides of steaks
    Pan sear in hot oil to desired doneness

    Eric and Timmy loved making lemon/lime-ades with my old glass hand juicer:

    Squeeze juice from 4 lemons and 2 limes (or just 6 lemons for plain lemonade)
    Fill remainder of pitcher with cold water
    Add sugar to taste (we use about 1.5 cups of sugar)

    Other cool summertime treats included making homemade orange ice cream and replacing store-bought popsicles with Snowcones made with my old Rival ice shaver and a variety of flavored syrups (another money saving idea, by the way)

    My kids' new best friend, the Rival ice shaver!

    6. Play Games

    Believe it or not, kids can actually get sick and tired of video games. Yes, really! A few remedies were found in some old-fashioned board games - i never really played many of them as a kid, so the novelty was just as new for me as it was for my boys. What a great way to spend time bonding together! We particularly enjoyed Risk and have just started getting into Clue. We plan to get started with Pictionary - 20th Anniversary Edition soon as part of our "new" family activities night.

    One day, Paul discovered my old role playing books and was reading through the rules for Tunnels and Trolls. My personal game of choice as a teenager was The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games (TFT has been out of print for years and years, 'replaced' by the GURPS game system). I tried running through the basic rules for TFT with Paul, but he never really warmed to the system. Instead, he caught on with a fascinating fantasy card battle game called Magic: The Gathering.

    i never realized how complex, rich, and incredibly strategic these card games could be! Relatively easy to learn with a few basic rules, yet amazingly varied in action - lots and lots of fun getting into this granddaddy of collectible card combat systems!

    Eric did some snooping of his own into my teenage library of old strategic board/book games and dug up Starfire! by an old company called Task Force Games:

    Eric having way too much fun with my old copy of Starfire!

    He's been poring incessantly over the rules and descriptions of modular weapons systems, bombarding me with questions about Shearing Planes, Overload Dampeners, Multiplex Missile systems and the like...i was afraid the actual gameplay would be over his head, but once we got started it was actually a breeze and a lot more fun than any of us anticipated! Ahhh, the good old days of pre-silicon gaming when the powers of a pencil and a pair of 6-sided dice ruled the universe!

    5. Ride Bikes

    Here's a great site for biking trails in New Jersey:

    You can either have trail maps sent to you by snailmail or downloaded as PDF's. We visited the trail in the Pine Barrens around the Batsto Historical Village. Nice smooth roads that stretch on for miles, and some great woodland hiking for those who aren't so cycle-inclined.

    For some reason i couldn't find my old rear-window hanging bike rack, so i had to get a hitch installed to my minivan for a new carrier:

    My new hitch and bike carrier

    Pricey, yes - i can feel Dave Ramsey wagging his finger at me - but well worth the investment in family fun!

    Gearing up in the Batsto Village parking lot

    4. Get Pets

    Paul initially wanted a snake - Kyungmi adamantly put her foot down in opposition. We settled for a Great Horned Mountain Lizard instead, but the poor thing died after only about 3 weeks or so, due to ingesting a piece of bark bedding ("impaction" i believe was the term). The second Horned Mountain Lizard didn't fare much better and had a nasty attitude to boot - we returned that in time for a store credit and replaced it with a much more docile Chinese Water Lizard. Looks just like the gecko in the Geico commercials. I'll try to post some pictures of "Liz" as soon as i can. We replaced the bedding with moss to prevent any more impaction possibilities. i never realized watching lizards gulp down crickets in the morning could be so entertaining!

    In familial fairness, i let Eric and Timmy pick up a pair of dwarf hamsters. Cute little buggers!

    Eric, Timmy and Chi-Ho enjoying the new Dwarf Hamsters

    One of the hamsters is quite the speed monkey, running around at full tilt and climbing the walls and ceilings like a primate. A few days after buying them, she somehow squeezed through the wire walls and escaped in the basement. She kept darting out from under the piles of junk in my office, only to scurry away each time we tried to catch her. The solution was to get one of those mouse traps from Home Depot, the kind that features a one-way door into an empty plastic box. Sure enough, within 10 minutes of setting that trap, i heard her munching away happily on the apple and peanut butter bait within. She hasn't tried to escape since.

    3. Learn to Program

    The folks at MIT have put together an amazing open source program for kids called Scratch that teaches the basics of programming within a graphic environment akin to playing with Legos:

    The interface is well designed for kids - Paul and Eric were programming their first games within minutes. Even Timmy joined in the action and designed a "Spider-man" game with the built-in drawing tools. In addition to the excellent program, there is a seamless interface with the Scratch community, where participants are encouraged to both share and download projects from other users, making for one of the best interactive learning environments i've ever come across.

    Here's an image link to Paul's "Bleach Battle" game - the speed of this thing is quite impressive!

    Eric's and Timmy's games to be posted up as soon as they finish refining them!

    2. Play with Glass

    After enjoying the Finger Lakes region, we enjoyed some family time at the Corning Museum of Glass.

    Kyungmi at CMOG

    More Bundt Bowls than i ever care to see in one place...

    The artwork was stunning and the live glasswork demonstrations were very impressive. The big hit of the museum for my family was the hands on studio crafts:

    Making a glass flower

    Kyungmi makes an ornament

    Eric works on glass wind chimes and Paul makes a glass bead

    Timmy works on a sand blasting cup project

    Keep in mind that glass needs about 8 hours to cool safely - fortunately, the museum offers a shipping option for completed projects. Great fun!

    1. Visit Family

    This was voted #1 by all the boys - what better way to spend the summer than by being with cousins and visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the farm?

    Wonderful memories, great souvenirs, and even some new skills and activities to boot - definitely a summer to remember! Hugh Sung

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    April 13, 06

    Wines 101: Chateau St. Jean Sonoma 2004 Chardonnay

    I'm not normally that crazy about white wines, but i was really surprised with this one - smooth, not too sweet, not too dry - very well balanced! One of the best whites i can recall tasting - highly recommended!
    My rating = 4 out of 5
    Kyungmi's rating = 4 out of 5

    tags: , , , , , No Trackbacks | Digg this Bookmark this post on Submit this post on Submit this post on Bookmark this post on Google. Bookmark this post on Yahoo. Add this post to Technorati Favorites Add post text to Rojo Add this to Co.mments Add this post to Newsvine Add this post to Scuttle Add this post to Shadows Add this to Simpy Add this to Spurl Add this to Squidoo Add this to Stumbleupon

    April 10, 06

    Wines 101: Bourgogne "Maison Dieu" Pinot Noir 2000

    Caveat: I know NOTHING about wines. Except that i prefer red to white. And that i like Merlots and Cabernets. And that i don't really like the extra sweet stuff, like ports. But every once in a while, i'll have an amazing experience tasting wines i have absolutely no knowledge about, but the tastebuds are definitely singing high praises - i'd like to have more of those experiences more often, instead of the " scored a '91', paid a high price, tastes like grassy vinegar, but i guess it's supposed to taste good" experience i get too often...
    Here's my feeble attempt with my Wines 101 posts to get more familiar with the byzantine world of wines. (more) No Trackbacks | Digg this Bookmark this post on Submit this post on Submit this post on Bookmark this post on Google. Bookmark this post on Yahoo. Add this post to Technorati Favorites Add post text to Rojo Add this to Co.mments Add this post to Newsvine Add this post to Scuttle Add this post to Shadows Add this to Simpy Add this to Spurl Add this to Squidoo Add this to Stumbleupon


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